In 1983, Beth Currier of Rancho de los Animales, developed a therapeutic riding and animal program that benefits people with mental and physical disabilities, seniors and at-risk youth. 

A few of the physical benefits of their therapeutic riding program is strengthened muscle groups and improved posture and coordination. Psychological benefits can include improved self-esteem and enhanced social and cognitive skills.

Being on a horse gives not only a sense of freedom, but also puts the rider "on top of the world."

Our participants range in age from 1 to 87. The special people come from public outreach, word of mouth and numerous new articles that have been written about us over the years.

While our program is unique, in that we do not require any payment for our services, we do encourage our participants and their families to volunteer some time to help around the ranch. These duties can include working with animals, caring for the animals or helping maintain the ranch.

For this reason, RAD is always looking for generous people to offer monetary or in-kind donations. You can donate in memory/honor of someone or a favorite pet or in celebration of a special event/achievement.

If you have any in-kind items you think we can use, please call Beth at (805) 459-9083 or Suzanne at (805) 458-6000.

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